Dealing With Frustrated Customers? Here’s How You Can Make It Bearable. – Kapdesk


Customer service allows its service agents to interact with all types of people. Some are great to talk to and really motivate you to keep going on, whereas there are those difficult customers who are always testing your knowledge (about your product/service, brand or industry) and your patients.
Being in the customer service department, you may have definitely faced an angry or frustrated customer. Customers can get angry for various reasons.

Some are valid reasons that are related to internal process glitches, whereas some are just the result of a bad day. However, whether it is your company or support agents fault or not, you have to handle the call professionally, maintaining your cool throughout. It may be difficult at times, but if you want to keep your job, you need to ensure proper behavior. Below are a few tips that will help you deal with frustrated customers.

Keep calm and…
No matter how angry or frustrated the customer is, it’s your duty to stay calm and help them resolve their query, which is what you’re there for. You won’t gain anything from responding in the same manner. You may just make matter’s worse for yourself. Put aside your feelings and just be patient. It has to get over eventually.

Be a good listener, otherwise…
Yes, nobody likes to pay attention to someone who rambles on about their problems without considering for once that the person they are yelling at has nothing to do with their issue. However, if you pay attention to what they are saying through their harsh tone, you may be able to identify the problem and provide a solution much quicker. Hear what they have said, and summarize what you heard. Probe to make sure you’ve understood everything correctly. You can even find out whether it is the customer who is at fault or the business.

Empathize and apologize
Once your irate customers’ has done venting, they are usually looking to understand whether you have understood or not. This is where you have to acknowledge that you have understood and apologize for any inconvenience caused. Although it is not your fault, because you are a representative of your business, you must apologize on their behalf. Express empathy for their unpleasant customer experience. If you want to retain the customer then you must go the extra mile to please them.

Don’t let it affect YOU
The most important thing to remember is that the customer is not actually angry with you! You just got caught up in this situation. You can blame bad timing or luck for that. In actuality, the customer is upset with an experience they have had with your business. Taking what the frustrated customer has said personally will only bring you down, and affect your performance. In fact, if you handle the angry customer successfully, you will be able to serve other customers with a much better energy.

Take responsibility, even it isn’t yours to take
As previously mentioned, the issue that the frustrated is having is related to your business, which means you must make sure that you as an employee belonging to the business, must own up the mistake (if it is the business’s fault). You may be tempted to distance yourself from the problem by saying that you are not responsible for it and that another department will need to handle it. Avoid that! Even if the query needs the expertise of another department, let the customer know that you will personally see to it that this issue is resolved.

Remember that for any business every single customer is important. Failing to retain a customer because of one bad experience can lead to serious repercussions. Always stay positive, be professional and most importantly know the internal processes of your business well.


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