Letting Your Customers Help Themselves – Kapdesk


Everybody has faced a situation where they have broken something they bought or caused something they use, to malfunction. Apart from the various curses that run through your mind, the immediate reaction you have is to call customer support and get the issue resolved all soon as possible. Sometimes it becomes very difficult to get in touch with a customer support executive, which leads to more curses running through your mind, and a consistently increasing frustration level. After 10 or more minutes of waiting you may get so fed up of waiting that you’ll want to find a solution yourself.
So for all those businesses that are considering providing self-help resources on their website should know the advantages of letting customers help themselves.

Enable independence
Most people would avoid the idea of approaching somebody else to solve their problems, especially when it comes to customer support. This could be because of bad past experiences, lack of trust in the support process or simply because they can’t rely on anyone else. This is why the idea of self-help attracts many customers. By providing plenty of resources on-line, you give your customers the power to take matters into their own hands, rather than telling them what to do. In general, people enjoy acquiring more knowledge about what they’re using. The more information you give your consumer about a product they use, the more they will view your brand as transparent, and therefore honest. However, it is good to have a live chat set up for when your customers cannot find the solution that they are looking for. That extra bit of guidance will surely be helpful.

Diverse resource tools
Setting up a self-service portal for your customers requires consistent development of your on-line self-help content. With growing progress in your product or service, you have a growing database of FAQ’s that need to be answered. Stay up-to-date on these questions through all channels of customer service, which include social media customer service, on-line enquiry forms, emails and phone support. A diverse arsenal of tools is what will help build an amazing self-help service. The reason for this is because no two people learn in the same way. By applying multiple channels of texts, video, step-by-step images and audio is the best way to go about it.
Building up an on-line database for every question regarding your products or services can take up a major portion of your time and manpower. Allow your database of solutions to be open to contributors, which means besides giving plenty of self-help resources, have a forum where your customers can have discussions, helping one another locate and solve common issues.

Don’t forget
There are some points related to the internal team of your business that you should keep in mind:
1. The most important point to mention is the fact that your customer support executives must have access to this database and must be fluent with its content. It would be a shame if customers are unable to understand or navigate the self-help guide by themselves, call up your support department and find that the agents is hunting for the answers themselves.
2. Make sure that you can translate the self-help service into as many languages as possible. Study the different nationalities that do business with you the most, and provide translations accordingly.
3. Constant branding is a must on the self-service section of your website. Don’t overload the content with your brand name all over, but subtly remind the readers that they are dealing with your business. Remind the user that the company is offering “customer service” even when another voice is not on the phone talking, or an automatic email has not been generated.
Let your customers know that your there for them at all times. Even when they can’t reach you, they should be able to access your support from wherever they are.


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