The Power Of Customer Service Automation – Kapdesk


In the modern world, where almost all forms of technology that we interact with involves some form of automation, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that a human-centric process like customer service can be automated as well. There are various multinational companies that have successfully implemented (to some degree) automated customer service, whereas others are finding it hard to avoid implementing it due to the increased competition in today’s business world.
Everybody has experienced automated customer service and knows that it provides flexibility. It takes care of those standard processes that do not require human intervention. Let’s take a look at the power of customer service automation.

Merge multiple channels
Considering are various channels for customer support, which include email, web chat, social media, phone, it becomes challenging to manually manage them all efficiently. By merging multiple support platforms, you can effectively communicate and provide service to all your customers and achieve more consistent responses times. So why wait? Integrate multi-channel customer support and relax more than you could before.

Auto-assign and task management
Set up a workflow for every query and have automatically assigned to the right department based on the priority level. Without customer service automation, customer service process will face tremendous hurdles when dealing with thousands of calls, emails and social media posts on a regular basis. For example, agents will have to carry out tasks like gathering caller information before dealing with calls, whether they are of high priority or not. Customers will have to call customer service whenever they need to get updates about orders or shipping information. And everything will have to be manually typed out or penned down to maintain records. This is where automation plays an important role. It includes features like:
• Intelligent call routing
• Automated order confirmation details
• Virtual assistant that handles low priority tasks
• Creates reports and analysis

Intelligent ticket resolution & escalation matrix
All incoming customer queries that you get are automatically converted to tickets. This enables your support team to filter through queries, and with the help of automatic ticket allocation, the queries are allotted to the relevant department letting the right person deal with the query. Without automated ticket categorization, it will take time to probe on what the customer is looking to get resolved. You can track the progress of a ticket right from the moment it gets created, letting you resolves the high priority queries first, and if one agent is unable to provide suitable resolution, it can easily be reassigned with the help of an automated escalation matrix for customer service.

Standardized responses automated
Your customers will expect responses for a variety of queries. They may have emailed your customer support regarding an issue, contact your web chat portal to make an enquiry and commented on one of your social media channels. If it is a complaint, query, or feedback (positive or negative), and you are not able to get back to them immediately, you can set up an automated-response for customers letting them know that you have acknowledged what they say and will get back to them shortly. This could be done for positive feedback on social media posts as well. A simple thank you response can make a huge impact on the relation you have with your customers. But having to manually type out these messages can become monotonous and time consuming. Have these standardized responses automated, save time and focus on increasing productivity of your business.

Customer service automation can be customized depending on the unique needs of each company, since the nature of each business is different. It is also a powerful tool that contributes to the productivity and efficiency of a company. So go ahead and implement the advantages of automation into your customer service process.


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