6 Tips For Giving Better Customer Support – Kapdesk


Business is about people. There is no business that takes its customers for granted. Businesses that stay engaged with their customers, know what it is that they can do to go that extra mile and provide a delightful customer experience. Most consumers hesitate to do business with companies that are known to provide poor customer support, whether is it before or after purchasing the product or service. And since the most important asset for any business is its customers, businesses must constantly strive to improve they customer service processes. Here are some tips to providing much better customer support.

1) Pay attention
It is crucial that you understand what your customer is trying to convey. Whether it is a complaint, query, feedback, or general enquiry; understanding your customers needs, will help you provide the resolution that your customer is seeking. This can only be possible if your customer support team consist of effective listeners. Making assumptions can lead to providing irrelevant resolutions to your customers, causing increased frustration. So give your undivided attention to your customers when they speak to you.

2) Quick Responses
As customers we all must have faced delayed response times, which can sometimes be frustrating, especially in emergency situations. In today’s fast-paced business world, speedy customer service is a must. Procrastinations and delays can lead to unhappy customers, which can result in loss of business. Sure there are times when an immediate resolution cannot be provided. In instances like this it’s good to keep your customers informed that they’re query has been received, and that your team is working to provide a resolution as soon as possible. You can do this by setting up automatic response for customers to keep them in the loop.

3) Identify Customer Needs
Having a good understanding of your customers can help you provide much better service. Anticipating customer behavior is not an easy skill to acquire, but if done effectively will enable you to make informed decisions in the future. This involves being fully informed about your product or service and staying up to date with what’s happening in your industry. If you are unable to answer questions your clients have, you will spoil your professional reputation.

4) Get Feedback
Getting feedback from your customers is probably one of the most important ways your business can move towards improvement. Although you spend hours trying to make your product or service perfect, it may still lack some things that your customers help you point out. Besides sending out surveys, you should focus on encouraging customers to provide suggestions, reviews and feedback related to your product, service or business as a whole. This portrays a proactive attitude, which shows that you are always looking to develop your ways of doing business.

5) The Extra Mile
Everybody loves getting more than what they had actually asked for. This is especially true for businesses. When you put in that extra effort to let your customers know that you value them, you become a reliable and trustworthy source to do business with. This results in a long-term, healthy business relationship and may increase your customer base as happy customers may refer your services to their family, friends or colleagues.

6) Be The Customer
This point essentially means putting yourself in the customer’s shoes. How would you want to be treated? What kind of a service would you expect? How quick will your queries be resolved? These are some of the questions that your customers may think of before doing business with you. Would you be satisfied by the service that you are providing your customers, if you were in their shoes? If the answer yes, then you’re on the right track. However, if the answer is no, then you should amend some changes into the way you are carrying out your customer service process.

What really helps make the customer service process easier to handle is implementing a customer service software. With the help of its live chat, smart ticketing system and detailed business analytics, you will be able to accomplish much more, in much lesser time.


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