Building And Maintaining Healthy Customer Relationships – Kapdesk


Living in a fiercely competitive business world means having to out perform yourself every single day in order to stay on top of the game. Be aware of the fact that your competitors are just a click away. This means that if you are facing difficulties in building strong bonds, or maintaining healthy relations with your customers, there are some changes you need to introduce in the way you are currently doing business, or else be prepared to say goodbye to your customers. In this article we will discuss some effective ways in which you can build strong bonds with new customers and maintain healthy, long-term relationships.

Tips to building strong bonds
Personalize your connection
Before purchasing or consuming the product or service that your business sells, your customer will wonder why this service will benefit him or herself. This is where you make the extra effort to let them know how your product or service will add value to their lives. It’s not the product but the extra effort that will build a sense of trust and reliability in your customer.

Be a professional friend
Most average performing sales representatives make the mistake of talking to their prospects as if they are a potential sale. This takes away half the interest of your customer. Efficient probing, rapport building and a friendly attitude are some qualities that customers look for in a sales representative. Keep in mind however, that your relation should be built on professional grounds rather than getting too emotionally attached.

Trust is a must
When you offer a customer certain things, or give the customer your word, make sure that you deliver. Failing to do what you yourself told them will only disappoint that customer and lead to loss of reputation and business. This is why you must ensure that you should stick to realistic goals, those that you can achieve and will be able to deliver.

Tips to maintaining healthy relationships
Keep them updated
Many businesses that fail to do this are those that customers tend to forget the soonest. People like to know that their well wishers are thinking about them. Its as simple as dropping an email, or giving them a phone call. And make sure that you update your entire customer base whenever there is something new and exciting worth sharing. This will help keep your customers engaged with your business.

Be active on social media
Almost everybody that has a Smart-phone is on social media today. Plus there are so many different social media channels that it is hard to keep a track of them all. However, to stay on top of the game you have to stay connected to all of them. This includes responding to messages, posts, tweets (for Twitter) or comments related to your business. Let them know that you are actively listening to what they are saying, even if it a negative statement. Acknowledge all communication to let them know that they are valuable to your business.

Let them reach you conveniently
Your customers should not find it hard to get in contact with any of your executives. Provide multiple channels through which they can reach out to you. This could be in the form of phone calls, emails, live chat, web forms and of course social media channels.

Be part of their special occasions
Your customers shouldn’t be the ones to always initiate a conversation with you. Show that you care about your relation with them by sending out birthday or anniversary wishes. This is a personal touch that will go a long way and ensure that your customer never forgets the kind gesture.


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