Follow-ups And Customer Support – Kapdesk


Post sales follow-ups are underrated. Sure when you are about to make a sale but it has not been confirmed yet, you will make sure that you religiously follow-up on your prospect with hopes that you’ll convert your lead into a sale. However, making a follow-up call after a sale is important for a number of reasons, including improving your business’s credibility. A major complaint that most customers have against customer support with any business is poor follow-ups.
Follow-ups add value to the overall service that you provide and gives you the opportunity to build a healthy business relationship. Lets take a further look at the importance of follow-ups, and how you can carry our your follow-ups.

Check up to gain user insight
Your customer don’t expect a follow-up call everyday, but giving them a call every now and then, and checking up on how they are doing is good business practice. Find out whether they are happy doing business with you? Is your product or service satisfactory? By doing this, not only are you showing that you care, but you get an insight of the actual users (of your product) experience. Besides calling you can send personalized emails in the form of short surveys, or host questionnaires on your social media pages. This way you are sure to get feedback from your existing customer base.

Post-sales is as important as pre-sales
A common mistake that most sales representatives make is focus on pre-sales follow-ups. Although it is very important to do so, it is equally important to follow-up after sales. Post-sales follow-ups can include probing on whether they are enjoying your product or service? What you’ll can do to improve the overall process? And whether they would recommend your business to any of their family or friends. By doing this, you are encouraging organic marketing of your business. By giving your customer the opportunity to express how they feel about your product, you make them realize that their presence is valuable to your firm.

Put extra effort on special occasions
This is a trend most banks follow. On special or important occasions, they send out a small gift as a thank you from the bank for doing business with them. Taking the extra effort to make your customers experience special leads to increased customer retention and builds life-long relations. A nice pen or key chain with a light, a bottle of wine or even a nice shirt will make your customers day. Make sure you put your company logo on the gift. This way you can promote your company through a happy customer and increase the chance of a repeat sale. The best part is, with advancements in technology you don’t have to manually keep track of these occasions. With the help of customer support software you can set auto-response for customers on these occasions.

Customer reviews and feedback
One way that you can keep your customers engaged with your business is by pro-actively asking them so provide feedback and give reviews about your products and services. Negative reviews will only make you want to improve your business further. Positive reviews work in the form of organic marketing, and will lead towards a better change for your business.

In life, it’s the subtle things that make big differences. Same goes for business. The more you can add value to your customers’ business experience with you, the more memorable you will be. And you can only know how to add value by asking your customers how you can improve your business. It will only lead to positive referrals, a good reputation, and growth of your business.


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