Live Chat Etiquette In Customer Service – Kapdesk


It is very beneficial to have a customer base that is satisfied with your product or service, and the post-sales service that your company provides. It will help you build and maintain healthy customer relationships that are long lasting. You should have multiple channels through which your customers can approach you.

Telephone and emails are the traditional ways of going about it. But, introducing live chat will enable your customers to get their queries resolved much faster. Most customers approach the live chat option on your website for small queries. Yet it is important to maintain certain etiquettes while engaging with them on live chat. Let’s take a look at some basic live chat etiquettes in customer service.

Never make customers wait

This is probably the reason why most customer support processes are labeled as inefficient. The long waiting time that customers have to put up with reduces their willingness to further deal with the business. The reason why customers’ approach live chat is because they find it to be the fastest mode of reaching the support department. So it defeats the purpose of setting up a live chat portal if there will be a time when nobody is there to monitor it. One way to deal with this is to setup an auto-response for customers, letting them know that someone will attend to their query shortly. It’s the least you could do.

Introduce yourself

It doesn’t matter if you are simply a customer care executive handling the live chat sector; it is wrong to assume that your customer won’t want to know your name. In fact, considering that they are dealing with somebody they can’t see or hear, they would want to know who they are speaking with, in case something goes wrong at the service end. Plus, telling them your name gives them a chance to connect more personally. Let your customer know they are communicating with a human rather than a robot.

Ask the right questions

When a customer relays their query to you, they are giving you a gist of what their concern is. To give them better service, you need to fully understand their query, and this can only be achieved by probing. Instead of sending to them all the information that is related to their problem, make the solution more customized to their needs.

Use positive affirmations

It may seem like the obvious, but small things can make a huge difference. Portray a positive attitude while providing customer service on live chat. Online chatting makes it difficult to convey the sense of positivity, but using positive statements like “more than happy to help you” or “it was nice being of assistance to you” will leave a positive impact on the customer, who will surely come back to the live chat portal if support is ever needed again.

Answer the question first

The customers that have approached your support department through chat are only looking to get a solution to their query. Avoid beating around the bush. Provide the answer to the question first, and then get into the details for additional help.

Provide relevant alternatives

Sometimes, your customers may ask questions for which you don’t have the answers. It’s okay to tell them that you currently don’t have the answers but will find it and get back to them shortly. When some customers insist on something that your company does not provide, tell them that it’s all for good cause when you cannot satisfy them and provide another option. If you cannot provide it, you should know who else provides it in order to guide them in the right direction. This help will be appreciated in the long run.

Watch your grammar

Consider the fact that the words you type out on live chat is what is creating your impression on the customer. Hence, using short forms and abbreviations to save time will not help. You must have a good command over your language and must convey the right message. Do not make spelling mistakes in your chat. Small things like these will make or break your relationship with your customer, especially on live chat.

Remember at all times that a live chat for customer service is a business engagement tool and must be kept professional at all times. It is totally different from texting with your friends. Maintain professionalism and be on the look out for grammatical errors. Follow these simple steps and you’ll have a live chat process that is top notch.


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