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It’s true that most of the world that has access to technology is there on one or more social media platforms. It has changed the way we see and perceive our daily social lives. People find love, make new friends, join groups with like-minded individuals, share news and so much more.
The impact of social media has drastically changed the way businesses interact with their customers. It has expanded the customer service horizon, giving customers another channel to communicate with the business they transact with. So how can businesses benefit from social support through these various social media channels?

Customer service through social media
Nowadays, businesses are looking beyond simply providing an incredible product or service. Businesses want to expand their business reach by growing their customer base, and not only that; they want to ensure that all their customers are satisfied with their product or service. This can only be achieved if you are reachable.
A lot of business owners are under the assumption that Facebook and Twitter are the major areas of focus for social media customer support. However, it is important to make the most of other sites like Google+, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc. You must analyze and strategist a plan and make maximum use of these websites. For example, if your business has a lot of images to post, then Pinter est will be a good option.

Why your customers may reach you through social media?
There are so many reasons for why your customers may want to connect with you over social media platforms, such as:
* General inquiry: They may find it hard to contact your support, or simply find social media to be more convenient means of communication, your customers may want to clarify general inquiry.
* Feedback: Social media is probably the best place to provide feedback. Not only do you as a business get to see what your customer has to say, but the feedback is viewed public ally, so if its positive feedback, there you have organic marketing done for you.
* Complaints & issues: Contrary to the above-mentioned point, this could be a bane for your company, as any complaint or issue that is raised can lead to loss of business and a bad reputation.
* Customer support: Most social media platforms providing a live chat platform, which enables businesses to provide support in real-time.

Does this mean more responsibility?
In the famous words of Mr. Thomas A. Edison “Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work”, he meant to say that if you are passionate about what you do, then it will never look like work or feel like a burden.
Plus, with the help of customer support software, this tasks becomes as easy as handling customer emails. With the help of multi channel integration and one inbox for various communication platforms, your social support becomes a simplified process. Whether your customers use Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or any other social media platform, all those communications will come to your customer support software, letting you responds to multiple customers instantaneously.

So set up your social support game by implementing and integrating the tools available in advanced customer service software, and have an interactive, engaged and up-to-date customer base.


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