Must Have Tools For Your Business’s Phone Support Process – Kapdesk


Modern day customers have been given the flexibility to seek more value from the companies they choose to do business with much more than ever before, and there are two reasons for this:
1) Customers are getting busier by the day, and need a break from more time-consuming things.
2) The competition in the business world is so fierce that if your business cannot deliver, then somebody else’s business will.
When it comes to customer service, people want quick and meaningful resolutions. Which is why a voice customer support portal is a very important aspect of customer support. Here are some tools that must be integrated and implemented into your voice support.

First and foremost…
Before implementing anything new into your customer support process, ensure that it offers easy integration and is easy to set up. In the modern business world, almost all telephony customer service lines are cloud-based. So many business’s today have partnered with leading on-demand cloud communication services, that advanced customer support software’s must offer seamless integration, letting you continue with your work as if nothing ever changed.

Skill based routing
Essential for any call center that aims to optimize customer service, skill based call routing sends specific calls to that agent, team or department that are most capable of handling that customer. The routing works on customized rules and assigns tags to support agents based on department, skill-set, area of expertise, language, demographics, location or any other meaningful construct.

Interactive Voice Response
Probably one of the most time saving tools is the IVR. This is automated assistance provided to those customers who call for low priority tasks such as inquiring account balance, making payments, etc. Having a human attend to such queries is loss of time and resource as that same employee could be assigned to handle queries that require a more human touch.

Voice Ticketing System
Probably one of the handiest tools any phone support process can implement is the voice ticketing system. With the ability convert all call related queries into tickets that can be assigned based on technicality and priority, you can have speedy and relevant resolutions to customer queries.

Detailed Customer Insights
For customer support processes over the phone, especially in large call center firms, having customer information readily available before you start a conversation is a handy tool. Getting a quick overview of an individual customer overall relation with your business will help provide better, more personalized service. A detailed insight of a customer can include customer preferences, details of the last conversation, additional notes for next conversation, etc.

Recorded Conversations and Analytics
An advanced customer support software records customer interactions in real time, enabling managers and seniors to monitor individual employee performances, through live call recording links. Besides monitoring individual performances, you can monitor, measure, and analyze the performance of the entire team with the help of call graphs. Call graphs include details of the total number of incoming and outgoing calls, how many were attended vs. how many were not, call duration, average response time, average call handling time, tickets created, tickets resolved, tickets pending, and more information that can be customized according to individual business requirements.

Sure you may want all these features but because there are so many it is a good practice to try out a few before making a final decision. While there are software that will give you all the above-mentioned features, some may offer extra features like a single window for multiple channels of communication for ease of use, simple set up, integration and implementation. So make a well-informed choice.


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