Why Social Media Is A Good Channel For Customer Support? – Kapdesk


Besides having a great product or service, which is probably the main source of revenue for most businesses, more and more company’s today are investing their time and energy on providing valuable, satisfactory customer service in order to improve the customer’s experience with you’re their business.

It goes without saying that without a business that does not have an impeccable customer support process set up, can, and most likely will see the down-slope in their growth chart.

Getting back to the topic of this article, ‘why social media is a good channel for customer support?’ well the answer to this question needs to be elaborated, so lets get right to it.

Everybody is on social media

It is a fact that most individuals belonging to the urban population of the world are active on either one or multiple social media platforms. So by default, businesses should be present on as many social media platforms as well. This idea behind this is not only to provide another medium of customer support, but also to portray the nature of the business. For example, if your business manufactures high quality denim jeans, then posting serious blogs that aren’t related to fashion, textiles, etc. will not make much of an impact. However, putting engaging content that attracts the fashion-freaks will generate the right traffic towards your business.

Social strategies do work

Developing a social media customer service plan is an important step. Strategist how you will use the different social media platforms to provide customer support, along with building and maintaining relations with your target audience. You will need to define a clear and goal-oriented social media strategy, identify the tools you will need to help you carry out this strategy, and develop crisis management plan to always be prepared for the worst possible situations.

Support on a personal level

One major benefit of providing customer support via social media is the fact that your customers get to interact with the people of your organization, rather than faceless corporations. Most companies allow their customer support representatives to put up their own photo on companies page, letting customers know exactly whom they are communicating with. Also with the help of social media profiling, you can gain an understanding of the nature of your customer base. This way you can modify your existing online content and make it catchier for the right type of attention.

A good way to get feedback

This is one beneficial feature for businesses as they can get customer feedback instantly, rather than having to send out surveys, feedback forms, inquiry forms, etc. Simply upload new content on your social media channels and ask your customers to participate in the discussions and help you improvise.

Speedy, proactive communication

This is probably the main reason why social media customer service is a popular choice among st consumers and producers. As compared to standard customer support processes like voice support, email support, etc. social media support is the fastest way to interact with customers. Customers can complain, give feedback, provide reviews or post general queries and within hours get responses. This type of feedback can be useful for developing new products and altering existing ones, leading your business towards a successful progression.


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