Customer Mails Turning Into A Mess? Get Smart With Automation – Kapdesk


Some consider email to be a blessing, where as some consider it to be a bane. Getting hundreds of emails from your customers everyday can become difficult to manage. On one hand, it is a simple, yet powerful tool of communication that takes care of your marketing, customer support, project management, and general communication needs. On the other hand, it is a never-ending communication channel that can become difficult to manage manually. Once the floodgates open, the multiple email threads can become a real mess, making your email support process tedious, time consuming task and dreadful.

But don’t worry; it doesn’t have to be like that always. There are several ways that you can make managing emails a hassle-free process, transforming your email support into an efficient and productive process.

Emails don’t need manual tracking

Now that we have entered the digital age, almost all forms of technology that we interact with has some form of automation incorporated into it. An advanced customer service software offer multi channel integration, which means you can have several inboxes like Yahoo, Gmail, Outlook, etc. integrated into one window for maximum convenience. It lets you view entire email threads, categorize emails according to priority and auto-assign complex queries to experts, letting your support team focus on maximizing its efficiency. So how is the beneficial for the hundreds or thousands of email threads that you have to keep a track of? Well there are several factors, such as:

Categorize and prioritize: Having the ability to automatically categorize emails based on the queries is a very handy function, as it saves the time of having to manually find and allot customer emails to their appropriate departments. Setting up folders for specific departments allows you categorically resolve issues. For example, if an email is to be handled by the sales department, then the email is automatically placed in the sales team’s folder. Along with that, segregating emails by priority lets you take care of high priority queries before dealing with those tasks that do not require much attention.

*  Customer profiling and information management: With the help of the ticketing system, support agents don’t have to spend time manually jotting down customer details and the system records the customer information, and stores it in the database. When a new customer gets connected with your support line, they are asked to fill out certain details about themselves, which are automatically stored. This is beneficial even for existing customers, as each customer ticket as a detailed history of all interactions that customer has had with your business, helping you maintain transparency in your email support services.

Automate standard responses: This feature helps take care of all those standardized responses, which is typed manually, can become monotonous and time consuming. You can set up default messages or email templates that can be quickly sent for specific responses.

*  Auto assign to the experts: Auto-assigning complex tasks to experts can help provide meaningful solutions in much lesser time. You can filter messages by setting keywords, which are recognized and automatically assigned to the experts for quick query resolution.

*  Escalate unattended queries: Another beneficial feature of a customer support software is the escalation matrix for customer service. This feature guarantees that none of your customers go unanswered. Besides that, it helps in reducing the response time for customer queries. Any new query that has not been answered or has been left unattended will automatically get escalated to a higher department within a set time frame. It continues to escalate until it reaches the highest department.

*  VIP clients and special occasions: Have your VIP clients redirected to the higher-level delegates of your firm so that important clients get the special attention that they deserve. This doesn’t mean non-VIP clients should not get special treatment right? Help celebrate every special occasion your clients have by setting up automated e-mailers that wish customers on their birthdays, anniversary’s and other special occasions.

So if you have been facing difficulties in managing your ever-growing list of emails and the email support process, and have not found a feasible solution yet, now is your chance to give an email marketing software a shot. Happy automating!


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