How Can Social Media Help Your Business Grow? – Kapdesk


You may be thinking, “Here is a philosophical article that’s going to impart knowledge on how important social media is for your business”. Well, that is partially true, but this article will be concise, to the point and definitely not mind-numbing.

This article aims to clarify all social media customer service doubts that businesses have, whether big or small. It may seem inappropriate, but do not underestimate how far social media can take your business. So without any further delay, let’s get right on to it.

Understand your customer base

Yes, aiming to have a large, ever-expanding customer base is a top priority on every business’ to-do list. Social media, however, aims at attracting the right kind of traffic towards your business, bringing a truly relevant customer base that is most likely to do business.

Engaging content is a must for your social media pages, but that doesn’t mean putting up the same content across all the social platforms. Even if it’s a single page that you are working on the social platforms, use different content for Facebook, Twitter and other platforms. Research studies have shown that 67% customers use social networks for customer service.

Hear your audience

Social media is a platform where the customers speak and businesses listen. Apart from the basics like ensuring that you have a great range of products and customer service, you must understand your customer through feedback, reviews, complaints and/or queries.

Social media support is an equally important part of your customer support, and using an advanced customer support software is essential for upping your position in the customer service game.

By catering to the specific needs of your customer base, you can provide them with a more personalized service, which ultimately leads to increased customer satisfaction. When you have a satisfied customer base, you have a reliable source of organic marketing.

The fruits of your marketing

Everything that you post on your social media pages is some form of marketing. Whether it is pre-sales or post-sales, you should know how much of your social media marketing is bearing the expected results.

As mentioned earlier, the customer support software that you implement will provide reports on which social media posts are generating traffic and which ones are not. Looking at this from an internal perspective, you can measure and monitor the quality of interactions that your social media support agents have with the customers, and always work towards improvement and innovation, i.e., finding new ways to provide better service on social media platforms.

It’s time you make the most of this powerful tool as soon as you can.


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