How Analytics Can Help businesses? – Kapdesk


All business owners know that it is an absolute necessity to start a website for their company, because most modern customers are headed online. So when you do invest your time and money to create an amazing website in order to attract the right customer base? Do you know how much of your efforts are bearing fruit?

Well, it is essential to know if your employees are meeting their objectives, and whether they are able to understand customer’s problems and provide a reasonable answer. Let’s take a look at how analytics can help small businesses?

Get source-based reports
Knowing which platforms are generating the most traffic towards your website lets you focus on those sources. Effective analytics provides insights on how your customer base is choosing to interact with you, which is why simply having a website doesn’t suffice in today’s competitive business world.

You need to ensure that you‘ve established a presence on as many social media platforms that are relevant to your business as possible. Source-based reports let you invest more efforts in those sources that are working, while improvising on the ones that aren’t.

Measure employee productivity
Besides knowing which sources are generating the most traffic, you also need to know which of your employees are performing well and which ones are not.

Internal business reports filter individual employee information in order to track their performance, letting you know how efficient your customer support process is. That way, you can reward those employees that are valuable and improve the ones who are lagging on their objectives.

Understand which keywords work
Analytical tools enable you to dig into your organic search traffic to see which phrases are the most relevant in helping people find your website. You’ll also be able to see the rate at which people search a term, and how customers looking for specific keywords behave on your site.

Once you understand this information, you can cross-reference it with customer and product data to help make important site tweaks and segment keywords.

Visual representation of your analytics
The more advanced customer support software today provide an elaborate visual representation of your company’s performance with the help of graphs. Especially beneficial for call centers, call graph reports monitor the productivity of your customer service executives, track the number of incoming and outgoing calls, number of calls answered or released, average handling times and more call-center related analytics. However, visual representations are also provided for other things like sales tracking, lead status, query resolution rate and response times.

Whether you are a small business or an established firm, having an informative tool that keeps track of your company’s internal and online processes is a helpful way of knowing what works and what doesn’t. Implement a customer service software and get analytical tools that will help you focus on increasing website traffic and growing your business further.


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