Advanced Reports And Analytics In Customer Service – Kapdesk


Customers have never been as empowered and informed as they are in today’s time. Therefore in order to keep your customers happy, you must understand their requirements, needs, wants and anything else they communicate with you. You must provide customer service across multiple channels and strive to exceed customer expectations.
In order to identify whether your organization is doing well, or whether it needs improvement, your business needs the right customer support analytics and beyond that, the means and knowledge to measure them effectively and then act on the insights. Lets see why reporting and analytics are essential in customer service.

Individual employee performance
When you hire and train your customer support agents, you expect them to implement what they learn during training in real life. However, that’s not a place where you should stop. In order to ensure that your support representatives are performing at their best, you need to track individual employee performances. That can be a tedious task if it had to be done manually.
Thanks to technological advancements, new customer service software can automatically generate detailed reports of each employee’s performance. By obtaining these you can work on those employees who have been under-performing or are not meeting expectations.

Overall organizational performance
Knowing how well each employee is performing can give you a better understanding of how your entire organization is performing. Yet, it is essential to take into consideration certain metrics that will determine the overall productivity and efficiency of your business.
This is why implementing an advanced customer support software will benefit your organization’s operational management. Having the ability to easily access vital information helps you make quicker, more informed decisions. With customer service analytics you can monitor your business’s productivity on the basis of metrics like number of calls received, answered, not answered, and the total talk-time for each call.

Understand what customers really want
Using different types of analytics such as past experience and social media feedback data, businesses can learn what their customers really want and expect from their customer service experience. Along with that, they can identify what’s currently broken in the support experience, in order to improve customer service and increase customer satisfaction and loyalty ratios.

A new approach of measuring performance
Most businesses are moving away from the traditional metrics that were used to so many years. These would include handling times, speed of answering queries, number of calls handled in an hour, etc. Although these old metrics provided valuable data, it drove customer service agents to escalate, transfer or end queries that could have actually been resolved by investing a little more time and effort.
Instead, organizations are not taking a more customer-centric approach and are beginning to look deeper into more meaningful success metrics such as first call resolution and overall customer satisfaction.

Living in a digital age that doesn’t fall short on providing choices, it is essential businesses to continuously better their products, services and internal processes. Service and support has become the next competitive battleground where organizations that can effectively use analytics to transform their customer service will have the advantage.


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