How To Improve Your Customer Retention Process? – Kapdesk


It is not uncommon for organizations to focus all their energies on the events that lead to a sale. But, it is the post-sale relationship that helps the company drive its growth and keep the business running. So, the question comes down to, how can you retain more customers?

It starts with excellent customer support

One of the prime reasons for customers developing loyalty to a particular brand is customer service. A superb customer support can discern the tone and the body language of the client, and give him an adequate suggestion. Amazingly, the two things that make customer service interactions bad are the same things that make it good. They include,

1. Speed of resolution
2. The customer having to explain the nature of the problem more than once

This implies:

* You do not measure the speed of problem resolution as one of your core customer service metrics.
* In the best case scenario, your customer should not have to deal with multiple customer care representative to solve their problem.
* Cases where your customers do require assistance from more than one person, they should not have to explain the whole problem again. Your customer support executive should be able to look at the problem and figure out where the conversation was left off. This would lead to a much smoother conversation as there would be no repetition.

It goes without saying that customer retention is responsible for a major chunk of the revenue.

Customer retention should be ingrained into the sales process

You can ensure that the client retention process is inbuilt into the whole customer service and support software from the start by the automation of customer discount. This can be achieved by incentivizing regular and repeat customers.

This can also be achieved by loyalty programs, but they have their set of pros and cons. Loyalty programs can be a double-edged sword. It requires your organization to spend some initial capital to set it up. After the initial setup, there is no guarantee that the loyalty program will attract any new customers. Although this program has been successful for retailers, the success of the program depends on a case-to-case basis.

Also, if your sales process is top-notch, then ensure that your service doesn’t stop after the sale. Make sure that there is at least one check-in after a potential customer turns into a client. This check-in should be there to ensure that the customer is learning to use the product. Otherwise, they’ll end up with a feeling, that they have been left high and dry.

Keep up with the current customers

You won’t have any repeat customers if your customers forget about you. So, it is important that you keep up with your current customers without coming across as obnoxious. To accomplish this, you can use social media and email support.

Using these channels, you can send them information that’s relevant to them.

So, in conclusion, the three most important questions that you need to ask yourself to get more repeat customers onboard are:

* What steps can be taken to reduce the response time and the problem resolution time of the customer service team?
* What steps need to be taken to improve customer engagement with the product you are selling?
* How can you help your customer improve their ROI?


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