Measure The Quality Of Your Customer Service Interactions – Kapdesk


How a business interacts with its customers greatly affects its reputation. For example if you called up the support department of a business you are dealing with, and were greeted by an unenthusiastic, impolite support representative, then besides being upset, you will recommend your family and friends to not associate with such a business. On the contrary, if you call customer support with a complaint, but the agent handles the query with utmost professionalism, then no matter how upset you were, that experience would remain in your good books.
So considering it is important to measure the quality of your customer service interactions, how can you achieve a suitable result?

Review written communication
Keeping a track of all the written correspondence, which includes emails, live chat records, social media interactions can provide you an in-depth insight on how your customer support representatives are handling their customers. You need to let your employees know that their interactions are being monitored, which would result in them having a better attitude towards the process they word with. One amazing benefit of implementing a customer support service is the fact that each incoming query, whether it is through email, live chat, social media or phone support, will be converted into a ticket that is linked to a specific customer’s profile, helping keep a track of the entire communication thread.

Monitor phone calls
We all have experienced calling a business and hearing “Your call may be recorded for quality purposes”. Monitoring customer service is a common practice that can be highly effective in teaching employees better service techniques. Use quality monitoring to help agents improve skills. Evaluate interactions to identify skills gaps, and provide individual learning opportunities where there are deficiencies. Advanced customer service software make call monitoring an easy task, since each call is recorded and ready for playback, as soon as the call is done.

Customer feedback and opinion
One of the best and most effective ways of obtaining customer feedback is having your customer support agents ask for it. Asking customers what they think of the service is an effective way to pinpoint potential problem areas. You can apply this technique by casually slipping the feedback question into the conversation, once all queries have been resolved. A more formal approach is to ask customers to complete a survey form that gives information about the quality of service they received.

Sales reports and analytics
While numbers and graphs do provide visual representation and valuable information about your customer service, they can fail to offer the full picture of service quality that some of the other monitoring techniques provide. However, looking at sales is a great way of measuring your business’s customer service quality. Happy customers tend to purchase more products, so if sales are increasing, it could be attributed in part to your level of service.

When employees know their work is monitored, they are more likely to bring the same quality of work to the front counter every day. Monitoring also provides valuable information that can be used to more effectively train customer service employees and teach them to bring their service to the next level.


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