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Customer service has been greatly influenced by the digital age. It was designed to help customers with the doubts and queries that they have related to a business’s product or service. However, long waiting time on phone support and slow responses through email support can make reaching out to customer support a dreadful task.
Companies have now found a new way to engage with their customer base, solve their problems and build good customer relations, with the help of social media support. Understanding how Twitter can transform customer service for the better can help your business reduce costs and improve brand reputation.

Problem resolution
The main goal of customer support is to help customers resolve their issues, complaints and other queries. It’s not like phone support or other forms of customer service will not achieve this, but the long waits do not help customers (especially those with urgency). Twitter is a high-speed customer service platform that can help sift through and solve problems quickly. If it’s a small issue, a single tweet may be enough. For a more complex problem, you can initiate deeper conversations with customers.

Customer interaction monitoring
Once you’ve established a presence on you Twitter customer service portal, the next step should revolve around keeping track of your customer conversations. Converting customer conversations to tickets makes it simple to manage your customer database, and supervise all interactions on your Twitter page. All of this is possible in real-time with the help of an advanced customer service software. Monitoring customer conversations gives you a good idea of your brand’s reputation and standing in social media and elsewhere, but it’s a passive approach.

Transparency on a public platform
The key to great customer service is the quality in your responses. Social media support makes all your customer interactions on a global platform, meaning everything you say in response to your customers will be visible to everybody. Failing to provide meaningful resolutions can lead to loss of reputation, which brings us to our next point.

Online reputation management
Twitter customer service has the power to make or break your business’s online reputation. This is because all your customer interactions are viewable by everybody. Your goal is to get people to post positive feedback and reviews about your business. Even when dealing with customer complaints on Twitter, if you put genuine efforts to provide a meaningful resolution, it will leave a positive impact on the readers.
Eventually if people spread good news about your business, your business’s reputation will become better. And as we all know, organic marketing is the best form of marketing any business can get from its customer base.

Gather customer feedback
One way that businesses improve their current products and services is by asking their customer base for feedback, reviews, etc. Rather than going about it the traditional way of handing out feedback forms or surveys, social media can be an instantaneous way of gathering customer feedback. It is much faster and you can get feedback from a wider audience as compared to physically asking individual customers’. Customer feedback makes it easy for customers to share their feedback with a business after a customer service conversation.

The benefits that your brand and your customers can gain by using the Twitter customer service platform are immense. Expanding your reach and simplifying your business’s social media platform enables your business to move towards growth ad success. All this is possible when you integrate a highly advance customer support software into your current customer support system.


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