How customer service can help you improve your product design? – kapdesk


When you look at the customer service from an eagle’s view it is all about policies, procedures and business. So, for the most part it seems like you are answering questions and addressing concerns that will help you that will improve your organization’s customer relationships. In other words, it primarily works as your organization’s retention strategy. But, what most people fail to understand is that your customer service system can also help you improve your core business and attract new customers.

It allows you to track everything

To improve your core business using your customer support system, you should be able to track everything that is happening in the support department of your organization.
Also, you should be able to track everything in a rigorous manner, such that you should know about the opinions held by your clients regarding your products. This is possible if you can record the inbound phone calls and emails that are being received by your customer service system. The final goal is to gather more information. The more information you have access to, the more accurate and helpful the subsequent steps of this process will be. The idea being, information is power, and it’s better to have too much of it than too little. Also, it is important that you gather feedback that is direct.

You can draw conclusions based on direct forms of feedback, which you receive from your customers. A point of contact can be established for review related to customer service. This point of contact will go through the direct feedback, which will include reviews and inbound phone calls. This will allow your organization to find patterns of compliments and complaints. This kind of information will help you find potential flaws existing in your products, along with the common complaints, and other information which will assist you with the development of subsequent products.

It allows you to track indirect feedback

All forms of feedback are not direct and is not easy to understand. Feedback can come in many forms; it can be in the form of online user actions, the way your user base is interacting with your products or other elements that’s been allowed by your business. You can utilize your website and track behavior metrics in Google Analytics to determine what your user base is looking forward to. This data can help you learn habits, thoughts, or behaviors that you want to supplement or eliminate.

Get your engineers and agents together

Once you are dome gathering objective data with your customer service system, make it a point to bring all that data to your engineers and product developers attention. Written conclusions will be helpful to engineers, but a dialogue between your engineering and your support team will lead to a better transition of information. Since your customer care agents are the ones who are interacting with your clients; they are the ones who are capable of communicating your client bases’ needs to your product specialists.

Product development should have customer-focused goals
Your primary goals should drive the future of your product development. These should become the ultimate priorities of your organization. As an organization, your highest priority should be making your current users happy. The thoughts and opinions of your clientele should dictate the course of your company’s product development.

The above strategies will allow you to transform your customer service department to an improvement product division. The idea being that when you The closer you bring your product developers and customer support, the more directly you’ll be able to incorporate your customers’ experiences and their expectations into the final offering. When you have products that have been developed with your clients’ needs in mind, you’ll be attracting more clients, and this will also reduce bad customer experiences.



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