Start Paying Attention To Cultivating Customer Loyalty – Kapdesk


It is amazing how many businesses fail to comprehend the importance of cultivating customer loyalty. Most businesses don’t put much considerable effort into keeping their customers happy after they acquire them. This attitude ends up being an Achilles’ heel for them, and a threat to their sustainability.

As a result, you’ll come across organizations that are more focused on acquiring customers than retaining them. Ideally, an organization should be focused on customer retention, since if you are not, then you’re simply going to lose customers in the long run.

The challenges associated with customer loyalty

Many organizations, when faced with this challenge, solve it by introducing a customer loyalty program. But, the fact of the matter is that most loyalty programs fail to give any substantial results.

If your customers are not loyal, then they will move their business as soon as they come across a competitive price. At the same time, the problems that loyalty programs pose is that your customers might jump ship if they are offered a better loyalty program.

The solutions to customer loyalty

So, if loyalty programs are not the solution, then what is a good alternative? The answer to this question lies in understanding why customers leave in the first place.

The broad range of issues that usually make a customer break ties are:

•    Slow customer service
•    Late delivery of service
•    Failing to anticipate the customers’ needs
•    Not staying in touch with them
•    Failing to answer their questions
•    Irrelevant marketing
•    Restricting them to email queries
•    Having no online self-service option
•    Not being visible enough in the marketplace

So, now that we’ve established a broad list of don’ts in customer loyalty, here are three things that can help you turn your client relationships around.

* Informed customers are happy customers

It is paramount that you keep your customers informed of any changes or updates on your products beforehand. This rationale applies even when you don’t have anything substantial to inform, as you can always send your customers a report that reiterates how everything is sailing smoothly.

This step is important, as it proactively keeps your clients’ doubts at bay and encourages them to stay loyal to your brand. Being informed keeps them in the loop, and they know that the product is always in the continual process of refinement.

Never be under the assumption that your customer wouldn’t like to hear from you even if you have nothing new to say. Staying in touch at all times is imperative.

* Train your team to inspire loyalty

Your customer service team should be equipped to answer and deal with every customer’s query that comes their way. One of the prime reasons for customers not being loyal to an organization is that the client care system in place fails to resolve those queries. The inability to answer questions is unforgivable as this is the core rationale for having a customer service system in place.

* Improve your self-service

A large chunk of your customers want to access self-service tools, hence it is important that you make it a part of your existing customer service strategy. Having an online self-service option is becoming an increasingly important part of a customer service strategy.

The inability to provide the right range of choices and failing to address each customer’s query is the last straw for any client. The customer service system in place should be more than capable of addressing any questions thrown its way. Also, ensuring that your business continually stays in touch with its client base is crucial, or else your customers might feel left out.


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