Tips by which you can maximize your customer service – kapdesk


It is common knowledge how tough it can be to run a business. In any industry, the number of competitors are rising by the day. In such scenarios, where the competition can be cutthroat, it can be tough to keep your focus on acquiring new customers. However, this can change if you have a superior customer service at your disposal – a superior customer service can help you gain that much-needed competitive edge.

There are methods using which you can offer a better customer service experience, which, in turn, will help you get more customers.

1. Live Chat

We live in an increasingly interconnected world. A world where people are used to instant messaging apps. Failing to offer a live chat option in such a scenario leads to missing out on a huge chunk of potential customers.

The benefits to having a live chat feature are too many to simply disregard it without a thought. With a live chat feature on board, you’ll be able to handle anything that comes your way. Right from proactive upselling of products to inquiries and questions regarding invoices and shipping, live chat can even add post-sales support into the mix.

Live chat can significantly increase your teams’ overall productivity. It also allows you to set and utilize automated responses for special circumstances and scenarios.

2. 24-hour phone support

Your customer service system should be able to offer a voice product that is capable of taking requests all the time. This means that your customer service system should have a 24-hour live answering service that allows your customers’ queries to be resolved irrespective of the time of their calling.

3. FAQs

Your product pages should have a separate page for the most frequent customer questions. Having an FAQs page prominently placed on your website will save your customer service team’s time.

Answers to easy questions can be easily found on the FAQ page. Not only that, FAQs can also help you improve your SEO by adding more keyword-rich content to your product pages.

4. An easy-to-understand policy

If you are in a business that requires a return policy, then ensure that it is readable and easy to understand for the customers. Returns are a part of product-based businesses. Ensure that your return policy doesn’t come across as a document that’s filled with legal jargons.

By failing to explain the policy, you risk upsetting your clients. Unnecessarily making your clients go through too many hoops can also lead to them moving onto your competitor’s ship.

The same holds true for the actual process mentioned in the documentation. Failing to get any of the above right will lead to a negative impact on your long-term relationship with your clients.

5. Implement a good customer service software

If you are managing your customers without a customer service software, then you won’t be able to deal with their queries in the most effective manner. Having a customer service software in place will lead to centralization of data, which in turn can lead to a huge growth in your customer satisfaction rate.

A customer service software will allow you to integrate your VoIP system, live chat and your social media systems and make them accessible from one place. This will lead to smooth interactions, and swift response times.

Customer service is a vital part of any business. While the points mentioned above are quite straightforward, it is their execution that matters. The perfect execution will lead to your business having much better customer retention rates and will also help your business get in more clients. Investing in customer service system will lead to long term loyalty of your customers, which in today’s world is a much sought-after virtue.


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