Augment Your Internal Operations With A Shared Team Inbox – Kapdesk


Over the last couple of decades, businesses have been undergoing drastic changes in how they operate within their environments. Whether it’s keeping a tab on all the internal activities, or interacting with partner entities and end-consumers, most businesses in the modern age have had to constantly reinvent themselves just to maintain the status quo and maintain their competitiveness.

A major and important factor that has directly affected this paradigm shift has been a boom in digital technology. As incredible innovations take place on an almost-daily basis, businesses are provided with ample opportunities to get ahead of the other players and retain their loyal customers.

As their number of customers grows, businesses need to appropriately expand their departments – or even create new ones in lieu of the emergence of new domains, such as digital marketing on Social Media Platforms.

One of the challenges that arise from moving your entire business to the digital space is getting your teams to interact with each other effectively. This is because as business operations become more streamlined, the lines between different departments start to blur and they must work seamlessly for each customer.

Kapdesk has the solution to completely eliminate this disruption and create a balanced workflow – a team inbox feature.

     *     Get tickets from multiple channels in one place

The number of channels that a business can use to interact with their customers has been increased from the conventional ones like phone and email, to the more interactive ones such as social media websites and live chat.

With a Team Inbox, you can rest assured that you’ll never lose out on the important conversations by collecting and displaying them in a central location. This can serve to be of massive help for your customer service representatives to collaborate and share information amongst each other.

     *     Keep the most relevant people on each ticket

It is no longer viable for different business teams to stay restricted within their individual domains.

Customers do not want to interact with multiple people just to get a single issue resolved, and as such it has become imperative for teams to work together and present a single, clear and effective solution.

Whether it’s a sales employee, someone from the accounts team, or a customer support representative, assign tickets to the people with the most expertise in understanding an issue so that resolution is swift and the customer leaves happy and satisfied.

     *     Make use of automation to quickly solve tasks

When you’re facing a barrage of tickets coming your way from your customers, it helps to have a system in place that can automatically allocate them to the concerned departments. And that’s possible with innovations in keyword search.

With automatic tag settings, each ticket is smartly categorized to be dealt in the most efficient way, as well as improve collaboration amongst the departments. For example, any ticket that contains the words “help” or “issue” can be assigned to the Customer Support Team to take it forward to resolution in the least time possible.


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