Team Inbox Is All You Need To Make Email New Again – Kapdesk


If you are a business that is trying to push its products and services through different mediums, then you already know the importance of communicating with your customers by using email and newsletters. So, when you go out looking for even better tools in the market, ensure that the customer support tools that you end up implementing not only gets the email part right, but also ends up giving you a variety of other choices.

Ensure it has a team inbox feature
Most businesses set up an email account for their company and then reply and respond to every query from that email. However, this is not really a convenient way of dealing with the onslaught of customer emails coming your way on a day-to-day basis.

They will soon become overwhelming and difficult to manage with just an ordinary email client. Add to that, in the chaos, you might actually not know what emails need to be answered or which ones have already been responded to by your co-worker, which will only serve to confuse your customers and make them feel that you’re not professional in your workings.

An easy solution that simplifies it all
A team inbox is all you need to simplify all the aforementioned problems, and streamline everything that’s related to email. A customer support tool, at its core, is an elegant solution to manage the complexities of managing customer relationships through email.

The team inbox feature allows all of your messages to be delivered to one place, which in turn enables each individual member of your team to easily log in and keep a check on their emails.

Understand what’s going on through a single click
Simply click on a message in your team inbox, and you’ll be able to browse through old conversations and quickly understand what’s going on with a customer’s issue.

When someone else on the team is replying, your team inbox will clearly display who’s already replied to the customer, so you don’t have to; it will also tell you if the ticket is still open or pending for an appropriate response. If you’re stumped by an issue, these tools can let you assign a ticket to other expert team members too.

Incorporate email from multiple addresses
Team inboxes enable you to bring in emails from a number of email addresses to a single place. This allows you to answer your customers’ questions from different domains from that unified platform.
Most team inbox software come bundled with advanced features that include, but are not limited to, keyboard shortcuts, instant replies, and other add-ons to help you improve your response times.
It’s the perfect email inbox that promotes collaboration and is designed to help your team achieve efficiency.

So, what exactly it is that you need to make your email less cluttered and more on-point? It’s safe to say that you might have the answer by now.

When making the decision, consider a team inbox that will allow you to elevate your customers’ experience and make the life of your employees much simpler.


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