Automated Responses , Auto Reply And Auto Response email – Kapdesk


Businesses across the world have to deal with a stream of customers who keep coming back with endless questions and queries related to their purchase and services recieved.

This can be quite overwhelming when you have an email Inbox that’s being flooded by messages every minute. But, this is not always bad news; there are ways using which you can make the whole process much more manageable.

Whenever a customer gets in touch with a query regarding your services, they usually have a certain level of expectations in the form of a solution. They expect their queries to be promptly addressed, they expect certain solutions for their concerns, and they want the whole process to progress smoothly.

There are several schemes using which you can improve your existing customer service and, in turn, improve the overall response times. When talking about improved response times, it is important to ensure that each query is given the attention that it deserves. What is also important to remember is that if you don’t end up slacking on quality in exchange for speed, a healthy balance can be achieved for your business.

Automation to the rescue
Handling the inflow of growing amounts of queries from a wide range of sources is a complex process – this process can be easily dealt with by using automation. Automation in ticketing can bring about a host of benefits in a business’ day-to-day operations: faster delivery times, improvement in productivity, reduction in costs and lower risks of error.

However, the commonly available automation tools might not be what you are looking out for. Ensure that you opt for a helpdesk software that is complete with a flexible ticketing system, since it will ensure that you have end-to-end automation in your customer service activities. For instance, an email ticketing software, with the incorporation of automated responses, can really elevate your interactions with thousands of incoming queries on a daily basis and let your customers know that you are working to resolve their issues.

Although, in this scenario, you won’t be answering their questions immediately, but there still will be that sense of instant gratification that their query has been acknowledged.

Implement a quick-reply option and take advantage of it
Quick-reply is a very clever email ticketing system tactic that is being employed by many different businesses that receive a lot of similar questions all the time. Quick-reply emails are simply pre-written emails that can be used to answer common queries and can help you simplify your email support.

Any business that is looking forward to provide service to a wide spectrum of customers has to have a competitive response time. Service response time is the crucial period between which customers makes a request and a response is delivered to them. This period is the deciding factor, as it is the time when you’ll know if a customer is interested in doing business with you in the long-term. This is only more important for a small business, since response times play a consequential role in retaining customers and turning them into loyal ones.


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