Email Ticketing System and Convert emails into Tickets – Kapdesk


If your business is structured towards dealing with a group of people, and that is what brings in the major revenue, then there are problems that your business can face.

For most businesses, the solution to this problem is a Ticketing System, which enables them to report various different issues and then resolve them in a fixed time period. But, that is not all. A ticketing system allows your customers to report trouble with the site or the service they are using, using the site’s built-in help desk and send a ticket.

For most people, these ticketing system works and that is enough, as it accomplishes what it was meant to. But, it is equally important for a business to understand how these tickets are handled.

The information regarding what goes on in the back end is important. As a business, you are used to a ticketing system that enables you to have all the different moving parts of your business in one place.

As mentioned before, a Ticketing System in place is one of the better, in fact, it is the best method of dealing with incoming queries, customer questions or issues that are being reported.

If you have a ticketing system that is built around email, then, it is easier to track and understand if the tickets are read by the relevant person and to check or track whether the problem has been resolved within the fixed time frame. Now, this enables you to have a pot where you have all the information available.

The case is not so simple, if you are using email to manage all your customers and deal with the incoming queries. Well, not so simple would be an understatement.

On the other hand, a ticketing system is designed to help you organize issues the moment they are reported and helps you keep a track of everything that has been done to resolve the issue.

So, although email isn’t really a very efficient way of managing a troubled ticket, it still is an exceptionally useful way of communicating with all of your clients and your employees.

This is the prime reason for people having specific help desk and support email addresses, as it keeps the incoming communication fluid.

When you have a ticketing system in place, there is no reason to get rid of the setup you have in place. In fact, the ticketing system you implement provides you with an integration that automatically pulls the relevant information from your emails and converts them into tickets for you.

So, it is quite obvious now that a ticketing system can do a lot for you, and its miles ahead in technology compared to an email client. So, what really happens to a ticket when it is resolved? Simple, the system archives it. The benefit of this method is that this can be used by agents incase similar occurrences happen in the future.

What this means is that when a similar ticket pops up in the future, the tech team can easily pull up the issues that they have been dealing with in the past and see the method that was implemented to resolve the issue.

So, in theory much of what the ticketing system does is simple, and this simple tool can help you sort many of the complexities that your business deals with on a day-to-day basis. So, are you out looking for a ticketing system that can do all of the above and more for you? Pay a visit to Kapdesk, and let us now if it sorts your stuff for you. Because, it surely will.


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