A Good Self-Service Platform Makes For A Smooth Customer Support System – Kapdesk


Every business strives to maximize their customers’ satisfaction levels, and one of the primary ways of doing that is by resolving any issues that they face with the company’s products and services.

Now, most businesses can wait for the customer to experience the issue, frame and formalize it into an email, and finally hold for a Customer Service Executive to respond to the ticket with an effective solution, and all this if they were lucky enough to send it within the working hours.

Naturally, playing this wait game can have a detrimental effect on the customer’s experience, and may even lead them to break ties off with the company and move to a competitor.

Nearly half of every business’ customers would rather get to investigating and figuring out the solution to their problem by themselves, than go through social media, email, phone calls and live chat to obtain it.

Enter – a self-service portal for all your customer tickets.

     *     Make your portal user-friendly

To be fair, if your Self-Service Portal is not easy to use or has an unintuitive design, you might be creating more problems for yourself and your customers than solve the existing ones.

Keep your self-service accessible to the customers with clear call-to-actions and reasonably-placed buttons on your website, mobile app and, if you want, Social Media Platforms.

Within the portal, create tags and categories to segregate your content articles and make it search-friendly for specific problems.

     *     Maintain a high quality of articles

At the end of the day, if your content isn’t providing enough information or solving the customers’ issues, it’s as good as not using it at all; especially when you’re dealing with high stakes that is customer satisfaction.

Understand which region of your product mix is producing the most amount of tickets, and narrow down on the most common and frequently created ones. More often than not, the lion’s share of your incoming issues will be generated by a small portion of your products. This makes it easier and smarter to deal with these issues swiftly and effectively.

Do not refrain from using visual media to complement your article’s point, as your customers are more likely to respond positively to them as opposed to reading an extremely verbose article blog.

     *     Proactively improve your knowledge base

As your business grows, it becomes imperative to constantly keep on updating your self-service portal if you want to maintain your customers’ trust and stay reliable.

There are a multitude of ways in which you can gauge your customers’ satisfaction levels when they’re reading a product help article. You can either view your traffic history through powerful analytics and understand how long your customers are spending on the article, or directly allow the customers to rate and leave remarks on it.

Both of these avenues will help you understand if your content is delivering value to your customers and resolving their issues and grievances. If not, then you have a clear idea of how to modify it for the same.

     *     Move your portal to the mobile space

Keeping your self-service portal exclusive to one medium or channel can limit your reach to your customers, and make them unable to find the relevant information when they want it, and where they want it.

Your customers are now seamlessly moving across devices like laptops, smartphones and tablets, and delivering content to them has never been this easy. So give your customers the freedom to search for their issues while on the move, so that they do not have a interact with a customer support executive and spend more time than is necessary.


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