Phone support is the key to winning the customer support game – kapdesk


Nothing is more pleasing than to have a customer who’s in impressed by the quality of your service.

Embracing the customer experience strategy enables you to put your customers at the center stage, which in turn enables you to market your business in the best possible manner. Happy customers are the best marketing strategy that you can pursue as a business.

The word of mouth spreads faster than wildfire, and if the word of mouth is good, then you are in for some great innings. But, all of the above can only be accomplished if you implement a robust customer support.

So, what support can help you get happy customers? The answer is the good old phone support. With phone support, you can truly win over the heart of your customers. The phone might be an old channel, but is one of the more effective channels out there.

So, what are the benefits of implementing Phone Support? Let’s figure out.

The convenience of calling anytime

We live in a world of multiple communication channels but when it comes to solving a problem. Over the phone you can control your customer’s experience end to end, which is something that is not possible on any other channel.

If your customer care executive are able to provide your customers with a worthwhile experience, then the impression that will be long-lasting.

A free customer support

For any customer support to succeed, it has to be easily accessible. Your customers shouldn’t have to think twice about getting in touch with you.

When you have toll free numbers at your disposal, you encourage your customers to make contact in case they are not able to figure out your product or services. Every phone call coming your way is an opportunity to win over your customers and leave an outstanding impression.

The better the impression created, the more your chances will be spreading the good word of mouth and attracting more customers to your platform.

Keep the fun factor alive

There is nothing wring in being a little quirky or bring in some fun once you have solved the issue that the customer was struggling with.

On the contrary, your customers are more likely to remember you for longer periods if you engage them with something funny. But, ensure you have the solution first. The bottom line being, you want your customers to remember you once the conversation ends.

Engagement is the name of the game

A boring customer care experience is not really going to do your business any good. The more you keep your customers engaged, the better you can expect their further involvement with your brand.

The first rule to ensure engagement is to ensure that you don’t keep your customers waiting in queue for long. Ensure this by having a Ticketing System that has the ability to understand when a particular ticket is waiting in queue longer than due.

This enables escalation, and it will ensure that your customers are attended within a certain duration, making sure your customers are not waiting for longer periods. Also, make sure the instances of call abandonment are at their lowest.

The name of the game is customer care, and the only way to win this game is by providing an experience that you would like for yourself. A happy customer will always come back for a refill, and is bound to bring his friends and family along.


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