Popular Customer Service Trends – Kapdesk


The 21st century has witnessed a lot of revolutionary steps towards a better tomorrow. Modern technology has changed the way we see and perceive things. Having the world in our palm (with the help of Smartphones and Tablet PCs) enables you to connect and share even with those who are on the other side of the globe.
The business world has benefited so much from the various technological advances, that providing better and more improved services has become a must. Living in today’s fast-paced world means if your business cannot provide, another one will. Whether you provide a product or a service, you need to be on top of your customers’ list. So what are the popular customer service trends that all businesses must follow?

Self Service
There are a large number of customers who are willing to find their own solutions, if given the right resources. This is because not all customers are patient enough to wait for a support executive to get back to them with a solution. Plus providing a self-service portal empowers your customers by giving them access to your company’s knowledge base, enabling them to seek answers whenever they wish. Businesses can achieve this by having an informative FAQ’s page, and constantly updating their knowledge base with new answers. You can also have a forum page where the customers can hold discussions about different topics themselves.

Mobile Support
In the digital age where everything can be done on the smartphone, customers expect to communicate with businesses without having to contact phone support, write emails or visit head offices. This means your brand’s mobile strategy should be in line with your customers’ mobile journey. Mobile support includes virtually everything from voice support, multi-channel customer support, online customer support, chat support and social media customer service.

Real-Time Support
Customers in today’s time do not like waiting. They expect to get support while on the go, no matter where they are. This means they need to be active on all of the online platforms that are available. Even if their query is not resolved immediately, an automated-response for customers is the least that is expected out of the customer.

Quality and Automation
Rather than focusing on increasing sales, businesses today are focusing more on providing incomparable customer service to stay on top of the game. They do various things to achieve this. Most companies today have implemented an advanced customer support software that offers various automated features like smart ticketing system,live chat support, automated responses to tickets, social media support and various customization options for unique business needs.

Cloud-based Platform
Flexibility, scalability, data security, increased collaboration and the capability to work from anywhere are some of the various benefits of cloud computing. Which is why most companies today are opting for it. It increases the productivity and efficiency of large-scale firms that operate in more than one country.

These are some of the popular customer service trends that most businesses are moving towards. So if you have not implemented any of the above-mentioned trends, its time you amended some changes in your business processes.


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