Never let a customer go unanswered – kapdesk


It happens very often that when a customer calls support, they are unable to get an appropriate answer. This is a failure on the customer support department’s part, since that is their job. If a customer decides to do business with a particular business, they are expecting customer support throughout their business relation. And when you are unable to meet the customer’s expectations, you cannot expect the customer to continue consuming your product or service.

This goes without saying that it is absolutely necessary to respond to all your customer queries. Sometimes coming up with an immediate response may be difficult, especially if the query is a complicated one to handle. However, there are ways that you provide an answer to your customer, even if it is not an immediate solution. Lets take a further look.

Implement an advanced customer support software

This is a not a solution to all your customer service problems, as the final answer must be provided personally by a customer service agent. However, there are various benefits of implementing a customer service software. There are plenty of features that simplify the entire customer support process. Some of these include:

* Auto-responses: This is a very handy tool that takes care of those standardized email responses. For example some customers have simple queries and give feedback via email. Typing out thank you mailers again and again can become monotonous and even be time consuming. Now for those difficult queries. Giving an immediate response might not be possible, but that does not mean you don’t answer until something suitable has been found. Letting the customer know that you have acknowledged their query and will get back shortly is the least you can do. Once again, typing these mails out again and again can be a waste of time. Instead you can set up automated-responses for customers, while your support agents invest time in productive work.

* Escalation Matrix: The benefit of having an escalation matrix for customer service is that, if your front-line agents are not able to attend to a query for whatever reason, within a set time, the same query will be escalated to a higher department, and this pattern continues till it reaches the highest authority. Surely, if it reaches this stage then the managers are going to have a lot of listening to do. However, this ensures that if one agent cannot handle the query, it will surely be taken care of by another senior.

* Auto-assign queries: Having to manually assign specific query cases to relevant departments can be time-consuming. The auto-assign feature looks out for specific keywords that may be related to a certain department of your business. These keywords automatically get detected and redirected to the experts. This allows your agents to deal with queries that they are fluent with, resulting in reduced response times, and more relevant query resolutions.

The above-mentioned features help ensure that no customer interaction goes unanswered. There are other tools in a customer service software that improve efficiency and help increase productivity, letting your business portray its maximum potential.


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