Building Relationships Through Proper Phone Customer Support Is Vital For Your Business – Kapdesk


When you make it your mission to elevate your customers’ experience through your products and services, that’s when you ensure that your business is doing every possible thing to make your customer as comfortable as possible.

Not only do satisfied customers tend to stay more loyal to your cause, but they also become one of the primary sources of bringing in more customers.

However, no perfect is business, and there is always room for improvement.

More often than not, these flaws are identified not by your employees, but rather by your customers and end-users, the people who are actually using your offerings. And they should be able to relay this crucial information in any way that they prefer.

Unlike the controversial removal of the audio jack in recent phones, it’s safe to say that a few mediums of communication are here to stay.

Although email support is widely used by consumers to interact with a business, responses are impersonal and significantly delayed. Live chat tries to work around the delay, but it also suffers from the mechanical nature of automated replies and clichéd responses.

One channel that has stood strong in delivering swift and personalized responses is Phone Customer Support.

Instant feedback

More so than any other channel, having Phone Support System in place lets you interact with your customers who are facing issues with a particular product.

Support through the phone lets you have the perfect base for listening to the issue at hand, understanding the root cause for the problem, and delivering the most appropriate solution to the customer, all within the space of a few minutes. No emails, no long wait times, no hunting for the required solution.

Memorable Experience

Although the priority of each customer support interaction over the phone should aim to solve an issue as fast as possible, that doesn’t mean that the conversation has to be dull and monotonous with an uninterested service agent.

Using positive phrases to let the customer know that their query has been received and is being worked on by the most qualified individuals may help make the customer feel like your business truly cares about the customer, and are not simply interested in the incoming revenue.

Apart from that, keeping a happy and friendly demeanor can also help in calming an angry customer and get to resolving faster.

This approach also makes the customer more likely to recommend and suggest your brand to their friends, family and acquaintances, and builds a large community base for your company.


By using a robust system for capturing and storing your customer’s information can help you learn about them better and proactively keep a high standard for customer support.

Whether it’s the customer’s birthday, another special occasion, personal preferences, past customer interactions and purchases, all the necessary data can be easily recalled when it’s the needed during a call.


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