7 Unique Ways To Build Customer Loyalty – Kapdesk


Loyalty is defined as ‘giving or showing constant support or allegiance to a person or an institute’. This is a stage that all businesses should strive to reach with their existing customer base. Many businesses get caught up in focusing on increasing their sales and revenues, and end up avoiding their existing customer base.

No matter the size of the business, customer loyalty should be an important part of every business. The concept of ‘repeat business’ can only be successful when your business has a positive effect on the customer base. There are several things that you can do as a business in order to build customer loyalty.

Strengthen the base of your business

Most successful businesses have certain core values that they work by. Businesses that stick by these values gain respect from their customers. Have these values incorporated into each of your employees so that they can portray them while engaging with the customers and providing customer service.

Deliver better, faster service

Your business can become a success story in a matter of days, or it can take years. But what really defines the success of a business is not the amount of sales the business generates, but how popular it is amongst its existing customer base and how satisfied they truly are.

Besides having an exceptional product or service, you need to set up an efficient customer support process. It must deliver fast, suitable service to the customers before the sales, during the sales and after sales.

Let them know what you do

This can be in the form of weekly info-graphics, newsletters, regular blogging, social media posts or simple emails about the efforts you put in making your customers’ experience amazing.

By showing your customers the lengths that you go to make their transactions and interactions as simple and as pleasant as possible, you keep them engaged and wanting for more.

This actually is a solution implemented by many Fortune 500 companies, and has resulted in successful customer retention. The best places to carry out these activities are on social media websites such as Facebook or Twitter, due to their popularity and reach.

Get them involved

Businesses that pro-actively ask their customers to provide feedback tend to acquire more loyal customers, than those who don’t give customers a chance to share their opinions.

There are several ways in which you can do this. You can stick to the tried and tested ways such as feedback forms and surveys, or you can be innovative and post engaging content on your social media channels.

Just because you’re a business does not mean you have to know everything about your customers. It’s okay to ask for ideas, suggestions and advice from them. They will feel good about getting a chance to actively participate in your internal business processes.

Personalize as frequently as you can

Sticking to the traditional customer support methods like email and voice mails can seem standard and take away the chance of making a personal connect.

Try getting in touch with them as much as possible. Call them as frequently as you can, deliver handwritten notes, send visually appealing content, set up an auto-response software to send birthday and anniversary wishes, and greetings on any other special occasions.

Reward your customers

Set up a reward system for your customers, so that they have a good reason to continue doing business with you. Many cafés have a system of giving free drinks to their customers after they purchase a set number of drinks.

Some businesses give their new customers a head start, so that they stick around and get the most from the offer. These small marketing schemes really attract customers and keep them wishing more from your business.

Stay ahead of the competition

Considering the business world is so competitive, if you don’t take any measures to improve customer loyalty, you are indirectly giving away your customers to your competitors, who are more than willing to take them away from you.

Implement smart technology like customer support software and give your customers more reasons to be loyal. Hand out stickers, coffee mugs, t-shirts, etc. and anything that would make your customers happy.


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