Still Doing Customer Support The Traditional Way? Here’s What You Need To Do – Kapdesk


Ever since the birth of the industrial age, businesses have always worked towards increasing their revenue, establishing a solid reputation, and staying ahead of their competitors. In stark contrast, businesses today are striving to be more customer-centric rather than revenue-focused.

Even though we have entered the digital age, there are still many businesses that provide customer support the traditional way, which is simply through phone and email (luckily, hard-copy letters have been phased out for environmental purposes).

In order for such businesses to catch up with the rest of their technologically advanced competitors, there are a few things that they need to implement into their current business processes. Let’s take a further look.

Prioritize knowledge and centralization

Technology is evolving at an unprecedented rate and due to this, knowledge exists in unlikely places. The problem though is that this leads to a bottleneck situation, such that, information gets jammed various channels like email, social media interactions, forum discussions, comments, tickets and so on.

In such a scenario, storing all this knowledge in a single repository is the perfect solution. Centralization of content will speed up learning and allow your team to make decisions that are better suited to the context of the problem.

Also, if an agent is more familiar with a particular customer problem, then it should be documented in some manner. This allows other team members to access the relevant data without any delay.

If your customers are talking about a particular service like live chat support or social media support, then update the relevant documents with that feedback. Also, if your team receives multiple common tickets, then have an article created about the topic.

Adopt newer and advanced forms of customer support

While comparing email support to social media support you should take into consideration Quality vs. Quantity. On social media, for example, you can address the entirety of your consumers, while via email you can offer assistance to your customers on their individual requirements and demands.

While comparing social media and phone support, customers often take to social media out of frustration from dealing with a phone support executive. They’re fed up of long wait times, dropped calls, and representatives who don’t understand or don’t care about their problems. And they especially hate having to repeat themselves.

Now let’s take a look at live chat support, which is probably the best replacement for email support. It has an approach similar to email, however, it has the benefit of occurring in real-time. It goes without saying that any customer would prefer immediate customer support. If the customers have to wait to get a response, it can lead to dissatisfaction, and poor customer service can lead clients to switch and avoid doing business with brands for several years. Worse, their stories can scare off others.

What can you do?

Keep your existing customer support processes in place. With the help of an advanced customer service software, you can introduce automation into your traditional support processes, taking them to the next level. With improved traditional channels, introducing new channels of customer support can have significant impact on establishing your brand image.

If your business has been falling behind in the customer support sector, it’s best that you implement a customer support software and step up your game.


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