Use Email To Manage Your Customer Interactions At Your Hotel Chain With Ease – Kapdesk


The hospitality industry is absolutely humungous, and hotel chains continue to play a major role in the overall industry arch. Hotel chains are amazingly complex, akin to big multinational organizations. The hotel chains have their specific categories as service industry organizations and continue to have their unique set of characteristics. A hotel chain receives a slew of emails from many different demographics and this essentially becomes an uncontrollable onslaught of information dump. Add to this the inability to track, if the individual emails being received by your executives is being handled by them in the most proficient manner possible.

So, what do you do about it? Well, there’s a lot that can be done, and that’s exactly what’s will be discussed in the blog.

Optimize your email by implementing centralization

Employing an email ticketing system for your hotel chain enables conversation funneling. This helps you optimize the usability of your email assets. An email ticketing system allows you to monitor and analyze all conversations and understand at what stage they are stuck. This leads to transparency and easy access, which in turn allows you to see if any roadblocks are in the path of completing a transaction. Implementing a ticketing system, eliminates multiple complex steps involved in the path to transaction, which results in improved turnover.  For instance, there are multiple reservation ids, and queries are coming through email all the time. This can lead to an onslaught of unmanageable queries for different hotel destinations. Centralization enables all of these coming to one centralized inbox and the ability to understand which have been dealt with, and what requires further assistance. Thus, a competent reservation management software will make all the difference in your hotel chain’s turnover.

Use automation to boost your executives’ productivity (rate card, automation, templates)

This system then will allow your executives to set up rate cards for individual properties, along with groups of properties and also for your hotel chains. This enables easy access to rate cards and also enables better engagement.

The email ticketing system that you set-up, will allow your executives to use templates to respond to individual queries. This will enable them to save a lot of time on their end, as they won’t have to repeatedly indulge in replying to queries or typing monotonous replies pertaining to some simple enquiry.

Manage complaints, promotion and everything else, all from one place!

With the rise in the number of customers, any hotel chain will have to deal with an overwhelming volume of enquiries related to customer support. Generally, in the hospitality industry this translates to availability of seats, the status of reservation, discount packages, and so on. What this implies is that any queries related to bookings and reservation confirmation will be handled by the reservation team backed by a competent email ticketing system. The individually tracking each mail and call is time and labor intensive, and also very ineffective.

A ticketing system service implemented right will convert all of these emails into tickets, so your support staff can intelligently categorize and address them in time.

Armed with a competent knowledge base, that’s powered by a email ticketing system for hotels, your employs can respond to related queries in the shortest time and gather information on the move, while you are aware of every move and can look through the usual noise with ease.


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