Different Ways To Change The Face Of Customer Support – Kapdesk


It is not uncommon for new businesses to spring like wild mushrooms in this era of entrepreneurship. But, what does a young company require to become a success story?

As a business, you’ll be focused on creative thinking and aiming for innovation in your industry, which, for all intents and purposes, is the right thing to do. In the same vein, innovation and creativity should also be utilized to deal with customers and solve their problems.

Any business that treats their customers well eventually goes on to become a fast growing business. After all, the ability of a business to scale goes on to determine its long time survival chances. Let’s have a look at some of the innovative ways using which companies are providing support to their customers.

In-app self-service
Customer support should empower your clients to get their problem solved without having to step out of their comfort zone. It is what every business is trying to achieve with their customer support.

One innovative way of ensuring exceptional customer support is by adding relevant links to the support articles that are published on your website. You can also add a button that redirects to the phone support section within your application.

To ensure ease of usability, make sure that your customers have the ability to log new cases or keep a tab on existing ones within the app. An in-app help center delivers your customers with the opportunity to find their own answers. Finding an answer without having to leave the app or without having to contact customer support is a feature that will allow you to keep your customers’ happy.

Use reviews as a support channel
All businesses have started offering support on Twitter and Facebook, but that’s not enough anymore. Your customers not only want to share their thoughts and opinions on social media but they also want to review and provide feedback on the services being used by them.

When your customers share their happy as well as unhappy experiences about your product in the Apple or Google Play store, then it becomes important for you to address the issue right then and there. But in order to do that, you will need a direct channel to attend to their grievances.

The right helpdesk software will allow you to integrate managing and replying to app store reviews in your workflow. This will not only allow you to identify potential problems and track feature requests, but will also allow you to engage in conversations and offer help appropriately.

Offer proactive support to your customers
The days when your agents waited for your customers’ calls and emails are things of the past. Organizations today are creating products and services that are interconnected, which enables them to create and serve tickets on their own.

For this feature to work efficiently, your organization will need to have an efficient ticketing system in place that can deal with customer issues proactively. Implementing such a system will allow you to reach out to your customers even before they have a problem.

The only way to keep your customers happy and turn them into loyal customers is by using new and innovative ways that allow you to build lasting relationships.


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