Don’t Make Your Customers Wait Too Long For A Reply – Kapdesk


Customer support is at the core of Kapdesk. One question that is asked very frequently is, “What makes ticket support so unique?”

This is always surprising because the instinctive answer to this question is, “Because it’s better than the traditional forms of support.”

What else can a ticketing software offer? Well, read on to find out!

No more holds

Customers, as well as most businesses, will agree that being kept waiting on hold is a waste of time, no questions asked.

Nobody likes to live their life waiting and anticipating an answer from a customer support executive. With ticket support, this can be finally a thing of the past.

With a proper ticketing software in place that can manage incoming tickets with customer profiles and automated responses, you can rest assured that you don’t have to wait too long for a satisfactory reply.

Ticketing delivers the latest information on an issue in the swiftest manner possible. With the power of ticketing, you can receive a swift and detailed response as soon as there is new information to be reported.

A flexible schedule

Kapdesk’s integrated ticketing system allows your business to easily investigate issues and questions that you might encounter, whilst letting you carry on with your workflow, ensuring that it is not stuck on hold or queued due to one issue.

Also, the system’s cloud support ensures that you are not left hanging in the middle when you are away from your desk or not in the office altogether. The information is always waiting for you in your email inbox to get you started whenever and wherever you are.

Instructions that are easy to follow

Instructions are easy to follow when they are easily accessible. The same cannot be said for tasks and commands that are not easy to come across and are poorly formatted.

With Kapdesk’s ticketing system, you have a complete and detailed step-by-step guide that you can easily refer to at any time, making sure you are using your system to the best of its capacity.

Super internal efficiency

One key feature of our ticketing support system is the ability for your executives to communicate internally. This means that different teams and departments can log queries and seek updates, ensuring better coherence.

Also, a centralized information channel ensures that any customer support executive searching and processing a ticket is up-to-date on all information – whether its ticket status, progress or customer information.

This also makes all the important data regarding the issue to be efficiently passed to the new executive working on it.

Quick responses that are genuine

The biggest reasons why businesses should choose a software that offers them ticket support is because of automated replies that are tailored to a client’s preferences – this is because context is extremely important.

So, now you have the templates and the replies ready that are contextual to an issue at hand. Say goodbye to typos and monotonous replies, and embrace a more intelligent ticketing system.

When you opt for a system that gives you all of the above, you are gearing up for success. A ticketing system should be considered as a much-needed support for your agents and executives, since it enables your support executives to become more productive and efficient, subtracting the trivial from their daily schedule, making sure that their energy and resources are conserved for the more important tasks.


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