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If you haven’t heard about ‘Big Data’ and targeted advertising, chances are that you have been off the grid. If not, then you already know about the gradual progress that big data has made and the amount of traction targeted advertising has gained as its effect.

Marketers have been swift to take advantage of the features that targeted advertising and big data have to offer.

But, what exactly is big data?

What is big data?
Big data is generally used to describe large volumes of incoming data that needs to be processed. This includes data that is both structured as well as unstructured, and can generally become overwhelming on a day-to-day basis.

What’s important though is not the amount of data that’s coming your way, but what your business is planning to do with that data.

Big data enables your business to analyze emerging trends and gain better insights into customer behavior, which in turn will lead to better decisions and strategic moves that will benefit your business in the long haul.

The current state of big data
The best examples of big data and targeted advertising are social media platforms. For instance, if you are active on Facebook, then there is a chance that you’ve received targeted advertising through Facebook Ads.

This is usually accomplished by using the browser history, a record of your online behavior and other key metadata.

The benefit of big data is that it enables you to provide online customer support in an extremely smooth process, as compared to, say, a much more traditional channel like telephonic support. The chances of missteps and errors are exponentially more when a conversation is being held through a phone.

This is exactly where customer support platforms have a great opportunity to score big with extensive customer data.

Automated assignments based on context
As far as a competent ticketing system is concerned, the solution that allows you to leverage big data is quite simple. Such ticketing systems have a built-in functionality that channels incoming customers into various groups, which are based on the different categories that are set by the system administrator – categories like new clients, highly-valued customers, overseas customer, and so on, are generated.

Your customer support system will also have the added functionality of adding custom fields and tags to individual clients. It can then merge with data sources that are external in nature, and help you provide smooth-sailing customer support operations.

With such a ticketing system, you will also be able to see your previous work with a specific customer service executive on previous tickets.

The system can also be used to link with your existing clients, which aims to streamline the whole process and transfer the tasks to executives who have been in touch with the client on previous occasions. So now, instead of a random stranger dealing with the client, the client is talking to an executive that they are comfortable with.

This extra level of comfort is what really can make a difference for a business owner. This is due to the fact that it allows the client to know that the business values them and gives their happiness high priority.

One such application of a ticketing system is Kapdesk, which delivers what you would expect from a 21st century software system.

Pass the knowledge forward
So, what happens when one of your customer executives is away, or busy on another project, or has left the organization?

Well, there’s no need to worry. Fortunately for you, your customer software is still using a ticketing system that has all the data sorted out for you – everything that is related to your account, like ticket histories and the associated notes, will be easily accessible to your support staff.

Big Data = Happy Customers
It isn’t okay to give your customers simply what they are expecting from you, at least not in this age. Your customers are expecting you to be a few steps ahead, which means they want you to be proactive, and push through the ceiling and deliver something that’s above and beyond their expectations.

This can be accomplished by using a technique called big data predictive analysis; this method allows your business to be where few other businesses have been before.

How does the future look for big data, predictive analysis and targeted advertising?
Organizations that are quick to adopt CRM methods that are agile in nature and are willing to actively share their data efficiently between different internal departments like marketing, sales and service are the ones who will reap the benefits of big data’s potential.

These businesses will not be struggling to meet the rising expectations of their consumers; on the contrary, they will be leading on that front.

Big data in customer support will enable businesses in different sectors and industries to add extra value to their customer interactions. It will also enable them to add value and competitive advantage to their daily business operations.


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