Make Your Email Magical Using A Ticketing System! – Kapdesk


Every organization aims at delivering a customer service experience that’s exceptional, but this service shouldn’t come at the expense of your executives being tied to their desks.

Not only does this end up becoming an extremely inefficient way of delivering customer service, but it is also very boring. Although your executives can rely on mobile applications to deliver good service to the customers, it requires them to carry certain devices that have the app installed in them.

This leaves us with email, which is universally accessible using most, if not all, devices. But, the question that begs an answer is, how much can you accomplish just by providing your service through email?

Email notifications to the rescue
It’s not uncommon for a ticket to stay idle in an inbox for a prolonged period of time simply because the executive didn’t get a timely notification, and hence wasn’t able to get back to it.

This at times could be the difference between winning a customer over and losing one. And, not being logged in is not an excuse.

In an ideal scenario, you should be able to get back to your mail inbox as soon as a ticket is assigned. This is exactly what the architects of a helpdesk software should have in their minds when it is designed – an email ticketing system.

What’s even more incredible is that each and every notification can be prioritized as well as re-scheduled to be worked on later. This enables your executive to get back to their work without carrying the burden of their desks, and at the same time, provide the level of support that your customers deserve.

Email and tickets, now in one basket
Now, what else can be added to the mix to make everything even more chaos-free and efficient?

What if you could respond to the crucial ticket that was generated, without having to leave your email inbox?

Imagine the number of times when your executives are not at their desks and they get assigned an important ticket. Now, what if the ticket could be dealt through a phone that consists of an email app?

That’s where the right ticketing system comes into play. Using an intelligent ticketing system, your executives can reply to the received ticket notification via email and the reply gets added as a note. The customer gets the appropriate reply and the ticket is no more a hurdle, neither for the business, nor for the executive!

Keep your knowledge base up to date!
It is important to keep your executives up-to-date with all the updated and aggregated knowledge available to the support team and doing this is no easy job!

This is a struggle that many businesses around the world go through – the struggle to keep all the information in the knowledge base, coherent at all times can soon become tiring.

So, what should you do to organize the knowledge base in a manner that makes it more accessible and easily retrievable?

You need an intelligent ticketing system that can proactively push the content in the resolved emails to your helpdesk and convert them into useful information for all your customers to see. Yes, it’s that simple!


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